Camp 3, 2016!

01 Mar 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Camp 3, 2016!

Camp 3 started off cold and rainy but turned out hot and sunny. Camp had lots of amazing activities that challenged us to push past our comfort zone. We learnt that if everything was easy we wouldn’t be able to challenge ourselves. We learnt if we didn’t work as a team we never would have made it past the first activity on camp. We did activities that most of us had never tried before like, swamping, caving and archery.

One of the best opportunities that we had at camp was caving. It was a great experience that we will remember forever. The squeeze and crevasse in the cave is a good example of pushing us past our comfort zone! Camp was a great experience for everyone and we will definitely cherish these special memories forever. (By Jessica & Ailis, Room 3)