23 Mar 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Introducing...Pippin!

In our inquiry into 'Citizenship' we discussed what makes us special as a class and what kind of classroom environment we wanted to create this year. Part of this inquiry led us into another mini-inquiry as Room 4 decided we really wanted a class pet. It wasn't an easy process though! First we discussed and voted on what kind of pet we thought we would like best - a rabbit. Then we had to write persuasive letters to the Principal and AP asking for permission. Following that we investigated what kind of rabbit best suited our class, what its needs were, created rosters (for cleaning, exercising and weekends) and figured out where we were going to get all the resources from. To help pay for the rabbit and it's maintenance, all Room 4 students had to do chores as part of their homework and contribute $5 towards the classroom budget. Finally the day came...Pippin arrived! We think she is the cutest thing ever! She is super cuddly and a perfect addition to our classroom.

If you want to see our Pippin, please ask one of the Room 4 students to show you.