Kids' Lit Quiz 2016

13 May 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Kids' Lit Quiz 2016

On the 5th of May, 23 children had the privilege of traveling to St Cuthbert's College to participate and watch in the Auckland heats of the Kids’ Literature Quiz. We entered two teams of four and the other students were there to support us. The thrill of just being there was amazing, but competing was even better. Once we arrived the nerves finally set in. As we walked into the grand hall, swarms of children were eager to find their tables. We flipped open our quiz booklet and decided what our bonus round would be (picture books). The day was long with highs and lows. It was a great experience. Even though we didn’t win anything, we thought we did really well. Thank you to the parents and Mrs Barrett who supported us getting there. Also thank you to Miss Murray, the team coach, for her efforts in training us.

By Harry Daniels and Charlotte Smith