Room Three's 1980's Assembly

02 Aug 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Room Three's 1980's Assembly

The sticky icky hairspray was everywhere! Tense nerves filled the room. It was Room Three’s assembly. They were going back in time to the 1980’s. “Where are we?” That was our cue. As we got into our starting positions the crowd was puzzled. The music started blaring. Everyone was pumped. Further into the song the audience started to realise what was happening, and even some started cheering and clapping. We were rocking the stage. Our parents were acting as photographers and journalists for home videos that will be pulled out on our 21st Birthday. As the song finished the crowd roared. (Pearl & Charlotte)

The curtains opened. A thousand eyes were glued to me, I gulped. Suddenly, my mind went blank, I struggled to remember my dance moves. The music for Eye of the Tiger came out of the speakers loud and clear, boom, boom, boom. This was it, I had put all my effort into this performance. I didn’t want to blow it for my group. As I started to dance I became more and more confident. When the music started to fade the audience burst into cheers and applauded us. I felt so proud of myself. Hopefully we can come back to the 80’s some time soon. (Ailis & Leyla)