Room 4 Bakesale

08 Nov 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Room 4 Bakesale

At the start of the year we made a class wish list and one of our wishes where to have a bunny we did a lot of research and wrote letters to the principal asking for permission. Mr Robinson said "yes". Coco-Sabine found an bunny on trade me for $10 so we choose her. Her name is Pippin

Of course it costs us money to look after Pippin. We have to pay for things like hay, food and some toys. Last term she had a little accident, Pippin was roaming the class room and she manged to rip her claw she had to go to the vet, this vet bill was $65.60 which only adds to the expenses for Pippin.

We decided to hold a bake sale to fundraise for all these costs. We had to ask Mr Robinson if it was okay for us to hold a bake sale. Then we split off in pairs to go to each classroom and do a presentation about the bake sale and what will happen on the day. After, we all walked to Countdown to ask if they could donate some food to us for our baking. Luckily enough they said they would donate everything for free that we needed! On Monday we all walked to Countdown again to collect the ingredients we need. Then, Mrs Casse put us in to groups that we were going to bake in. We made all our food in the Tech room and set up the Manakau block for the big day.

In Class we sometimes let Pippin roam around and if she comes up to us we where aloud to pat her we call it bunny time. We also have rosters for cleaning and exercising Pippin. For cleaning 2 people clean Pippins Cage and put in new newspaper and hay. For exercising 2 different people put Pippin on her leach and let her run outside in the fresh air on the grass.

As a class we baked Jelly cups, Bunny bum cookies, Bunny cookies, Bunny Cupcakes and Chocolate Crackle it was so much fun!

The bake sale was such a success! We raised more than enough money to cover Pippin's expenses. In Total we raised $388.20!

We want to thank Blockhouse Bay Countdown for donating all our items for free and also Mr Robinson and Mrs Crisp for letting us do the Bake sale and of course all of the children who brought something from our bake sale and helped raise money for Pippin.

We love Pippin and we will be sad to leave her apart from one lucky person who will get to keep Pippin and we know that she will still be well looked after.

- Written by Kate Dallow - Photos By Charlotte Robinson -

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