Cupcake Making

18 Mar 2017

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Cupcake Making

Scrumptious and delicious were some of the adjectives the children used to describe what we had done. On Monday Tanvi's mum was "sweet" enough to offer up her time and baking expertise to Room 23. She pre-made some yummy cupcakes and the children were luckily enough to choose the toppings and watch how she piped sickly sweet pink icing over them.

Before the experience, we brainstormed some words on a "word chart" that we might use such as "decorate". "share", "smooth icing", "fluffy sponge". During the experience we added some more interesting words that we used or heard being used. Later we used these words to write a quick recount about the great time we had!!!

Cayden's sentences was the "catch of the day", 'The cupcakes icing was dripping in my mouth. It was delicious!"