Soft Toy and Slipper Day

18 Mar 2017

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Soft Toy and Slipper Day

What a great way to end the week!! On Monday we started reading a big book called "Grandpa's Slippers" by Joy Watson. It's a classic story about a Grandpa who refuses to give up his tatty and worn slippers even when they are almost falling to pieces. Room 23 enjoyed most of all the parts of the story when Grandma would hide the slippers in the most odd places .... even hiding them in the COMPOST!!

We wrote stories about Grandpa's slippers and even published them to make a book. We are hoping you will enjoy it when it gets put on the shelf officially next week. As a way to celebrate our hard work we all decided to bring our slippers or soft toys in to class and share with each other why we cherish our slippers or soft toys, just like grandpa does in the book.

Thank you to all the parents who made this happen!!! Shout out to Sebastian Webster who carried Bradley's HUMONGOUS panda bear all the way to school around his shoulders. You never gave up!!