Creativity in Room 17

21 Aug 2017

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Creativity in Room 17

We started with the questions: 'What is creativity?' and 'How am I creative?' We talked about art, dance and music, but also solving problems and having great ideas as things that are creative. We have tried lots of creative activities in the class, including painting, sketching and creating patterns in all sorts of ways. Some of our learning has included designing and making personal mail boxes. First we went on a walk to look at mail boxes in the area and then we designed and made our own ones. Later we evaluated what we had made and also sent letters to each other. We love receiving letters, so if you want to, please send us some letters. We have also spent time outside in the school grounds looking carefully at what we can see, doing some sketching and making making things out of the leaves and sticks we found.