Special Delivery!

01 Sep 2017

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Special Delivery!

As part of our 'Creativity' inquiry about how we can make the glade fence tell a story of the awesome children in Pohutukawa, Room 19 have also been interested in letterboxes that tell stories and also what goes inside them - letters!

We watched a short clip on the journey a letter goes through to be delivered and then decided to write our own letters for Father's Day.

After writing our letters, we decorated our envelopes and Miss Timoteo wrote our addresses. Then it was off to the post office down the road! Room 19 were very lucky to have the lovely Kim to help walk with us along the busy Blockhouse Bay Road.

At the post office (where our small class nearly packed out the whole shop!), we all licked our stamps and stuck them on the top right hand corner of our envelopes. We then filed outside and put them into the big red letterbox ready to be posted home! For some children, this was their first time posting a letter and a very special experience to share :)

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