Malo e lelei! Tongan Language Week

08 Sep 2017

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Malo e lelei! Tongan Language Week

This week, Room 19 celebrated the beautiful Tongan Language and culture through special activities in our learning.

On Monite, we challenged ourselves to see if we could remember and say the poem 'Malo e lelei' without looking at the poster - and we did!

On Tusite, Miss Timoteo brought in some ngatu cloth from Tonga and a Tongan ili (fan) to show Room 19. The ngatu had a painting of a flower and plants that was made out of natural resources. We then saw pictures of humongous ngatu that Tongan women had made for special events and that told stories. We guessed what some of the shapes could be like a horse, aeroplane, mountains and stars and what stories they could be telling. After that, we went outside to the courtyard to began drawing our own ngatu of the beautiful plants and bushes. Back inside we began to go over them with crayon, painted over with dye then scrunched them up! We did this a number of times to get the paper soft just like real ngatu.

On Tu'apulelulu, we made heilala patterns during our maths learning. Heilala is the red royal flower of Tonga and is used to make heilala lei to honour people. These lei can be made out of different shapes and sizes. We designed our own pattern sequences, colors and picked leaves to add to our heilala patterns.

Lastly on Falaite, we made delicious otai! Otai is a Tongan smoothie traditionally made using ice, coconut cream, watermelon, mango and pineapple. Thanks to Mrs Gallaher who wrote Miss Timoteo the recipe, Room 19 made our own at the end of the day and even had some to share and serve children from other Pohutukawa classes. Malie! So good!

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