19 Sep 2017

Octopus lurking out of sight.

Octopus gets a sudden fright.

Octopus hiding in his cave.

Octopus gets into a rage.

Colours swirl across his skin.

Better not mess around with him.

Colours change- red, blue, white.

Octopus zooms out of sight.

This week, we learnt the poem, 'Octopus' and created our own Octo-Art using string, colored dye and paint.

First, we soaked our two pieces of long string into a container of dye and then took them out to lay them on a piece of paper in random ways. Next, we played another piece of paper on top and had a buddy press down on it while the other person pulled the string slowly out. As we lifted off the piece off paper, the pulled string had created swirly blue impressions and shapes on top of the octopus we had drawn.