Picket Painting

19 Sep 2017

Carrying on with our 'Creativity' inquiry this term, we have been looking into how we can tell a story about who we are through designs that can go on our picket fences.

Part of this process for Room 19 has been learning how to tell others about ourselves or our favorite things through our drawings. We have been creating draft designs on large paper to help us choose our best work that will be painted on our own picket. These will then be displayed somewhere in the Pohutukawa area for everyone to see!

Here is a throwback to Week 4 when some students created a beautiful letterboxes and a mural of their homes that lead to our Room 19 home. At the bottom, you can see some earlier fence concepts we came up with!

This week, some children in our class began the first step to get our pickets ready - priming! Big over-sized t-shirts were needed to protect our new uniforms and on went the first coat of primer.

Watch this space to see how our pickets progress :)

Additional Images