Happy Chinese New Year!

16 Feb 2018

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Happy Chinese New Year!

This week we celebrated and welcomed the Chinese New Year. Some students from our class wore traditional Chinese clothing and we all took part in a big Pohutukawa Chinese New Year Parade! Everyone in Room 17 had an instrument and we made a lot of noise parading around the school to celebrate.

Although 2018 is the Year of the Dog, we have been watching video clips of different other Chinese New Year Parades around the world and noticed that big and colourful dragons were very popular. Together, we all created our own class dragon our of crayon, dye, glitter and ribbons. If you visit our class, you can see our dragon living up on the ceiling!

Later in the week, Vicky, Lili and Emmy aslo sang a Happy New Year song in Chinese to the whole class. Thank you girls for being so brave and sharing part of your culture with us!

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