Baking and Learning in Room 24/25

28 Nov 2018

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Baking and Learning in Room 24/25

We have been reading a big book titled 'Bread' where we learnt about all kinds of bread and how bread is made. So we made bread ourselves. First we measured the ingredients and mixed them together to make a dough. We used flour, milk, baking powder and salt. Next we kneaded the dough. It was sticky and squishy! Then we made it flat like a circle on the baking pan and put it in the oven. We ate the bread at the end of the day. It smelled just like bread and it tasted yummy in our tummies!

In Maths, we have been doing lots of learning about fractions with splitting different shapes into halves and quarters. First we put the tomato sauce on the pizza bread. Then we sprinkled the yummy cheese on the pizza bread. Finally we put the pizza in the oven to bake. We shared our pizzas by cutting them into halves, and then into quarters. We also wrote about and described our favourite pizzas!

Look at our fabulous cookies! We decorated our cookies and we cut our cookies into halves or quarters to share with our friends!

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