Happiness is... blowing bubbles

28 Nov 2018

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Happiness is... blowing bubbles

Below are some stories to explain what we did, noticed and wondered.

"Today we were blowing bubbles and the bubbles were perfect and I catch the bubbles. My friend was catching it too. I wonder if I can be a bubble?" Said Saanvi.

"My bubbles were easy and my bubbles are round. I wonder why are we blowing the bubbles?" Said Ben.

" I like the bubbles because it was beautiful. I felt frustrated because I didn't blow the bubbles good enough. It was fun. I wonder how I can blow a big bubble?" Said Cindy.

"Today I popped a bubble and blew the bubble and then the bubble popped on my head. I wonder why the bubble is shiny?" Said Nola.

"It is interesting how bubbles fly. Some are big and some are little. I wonder why the bubbles pop?" Said Sophia T.

"Today I blew bubbles. I felt excited. It was fun. I blew lots of bubbles at one time. Some were little and some were big. The bubbles were beautiful. I like popping the bubbles best. I wonder why we an see through the bubbles?" Said Ryan.

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