National Standards

18 Nov 2016

The National Standards are a description of what all New Zealand children are expected to be able to do in Reading, Writing and Maths in Years 1-8. They have been developed by the Ministry of Education and curriculum experts.

These standards are used to give you, your child and the teacher a clear idea of where your child is at in Reading, Writing and Maths, and what they have to do next in their learning. Teachers use this information to set goals for learning with your child, to plan and teach lessons and to report on your child's progress and achievement in relation to the standards twice a year.

Working 'At' or 'Above' the standards during Years 1-8 means your child should be on track to finish secondary school with a qualification that is considered by the Ministry of Education as being most useful - NCEA level 2 or similar.

Leaflet explaining National Standards

National Standards - more information

Examples of Reading and Writing Standards for each year at school

Examples of Maths Standards for each year at school

Information of how you can support your child's learning

Information on how you can support your child in Maths