Term 2 Inquiry

General 11 May 2018


This term we are continuing to develop the concepts of belonging and diversity with our school-wide inquiry focus of Know Me, Know Others, Know How.

In Term 1 we explored the following big ideas

·Identity is what makes us different

·Belonging is what makes us the same

·There is responsibility in belonging

In Term Two, we will build on these understandings with the big idea ‘Art helps us to share who we are and what is important to us

Using an Artists' Brief and following our inquiry process, each class will create a permanent sculpture that reflects their unique identity and represents our New Zealand heritage and diverse school community. The inquiry will culminate in Term 3 with a celebration and opening of a sculpture trail for the school whanau and community to enjoy.

We are still very much in the planning stages for this process but later in the term, feel free to ask your child about their classes Art Inquiry.