Sculpture Trail

Events 02 Sep 2018

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Sculpture Trail

As part of our Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) the staff and children of Blockhouse Bay Primary School have been making their own sculptures. We began by learning about ourselves (Who am I? What makes me me? Where do I belong?), about others (What can we learn from each other?) and how (How do we become connected? How can I be a changemaker?). We learned about He Manu Rere and how it is important to show manaakitanga and to be kind, to be honest and to show respect. We want to arrive at school as a fledgling and leave at the end of Year 6 as a soaring bird.

Our learning followed on into Term 2 as a project based inquiry. Each class had an Artists’ Brief to create a permanent sculpture that promoted belonging to our community. We wondered - Can art teach us about others? How are feelings and art connected? What choices do sculptors make? We then followed our Inquiry Process.

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