T21 Soar!

01 May 2016

In learning about citizenship in Term 1, our inquiry took us down a path of learning about
what is important to us as members of different communities.
After the exciting change in our school and team logos, we were especially interested and did a lot of discovery around logos.
We discussed, explored and learnt about how images can represent and symbolise deeper information.

We decided that we needed a logo for our class. We spent a long time discussing what values are important to us as a community
and came up with 3 main points:
- People! (Our teammates, teachers, families and our wider communities.)
- Having a growth mindset!
- Soaring! (Like the tui on our school logo, soaring successfully into the future.)

We did some brainstorming about what sort of images we could use to symbolise these values.
Everyone submitted fantastic and thoughtful logo designs.
We voted on all of the logos to find the most popular one, but there was a tie!

Miss Marie re-created the 2 final logo designs on the computer and we voted one more time.
It was close! The winning design won by just one point.
"The triangle is a rocket ship soaring high into the sky, but half of the rocket is rainbow colours to represent growth mindset and the other side is grey for fixed mindset. There's 25 flames at the bottom of the rocket because there are 22 children and 3 teachers in T21." - Jaime Ray, T21 logo designer.

A big shout out to Conor, whose design was runner up:
"The rainbow symbolises growth mindset and the eagle, which is my favourite bird, is soaring. The small eagle is the children and the big eagle is the teachers."