Diversity Day

14 May 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Diversity Day

T21 have been learning what the word diversity means.
We watched a short video teaching us about diversity and one of the characters said "How we are different is what makes us beautiful."
We really hooked onto this and are looking forward to learning more about our beautiful differences.

Imeth said "I wore this Batik shirt for Diversity Day because I thought it was unique."

Harbani said "The gold triangles are a bit itchy but I just wear because it’s special to me."

Conor said "My West Ham t-shirt represents that I have English blood in me."

Raiah said "My dress is from India and the silks are diverse kinds of silk, some are thick and warm but some are really cold."

Daniel said "My t-shirt represents kiwis because it’s got a kiwi on it. The kiwi is riding a bull’s eye and there are white clouds around in the sky. The shirt is blue like the sea. My dad is from Egypt but I don’t know what Egyptians wear."

Isaac said "My mummy did make a leprechaun costume for me and Timothy. It is green like Irish culture."

Shivam said "Today I was having an Indian shirt. It felt really itchy but I had to wear it. When I was used to it, it didn’t feel scratchy at all. It has these shiny things that’s made out of of glass. It also has tiny rectangles that are made out of real gold."

Have a look at some of our amazing clothing!

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