Asian Performing Arts

16 Jun 2016

Kapa Kowhai were so lucky to have these amazing performers visit us.

We saw some Japanese drumming and a lovely song by a ran player.

We heard a Vietnamese song and watched a beautiful Vietnamese dance.

Check out the videos and photos of the performers.

Room 23 wrote this awesome article about the performance.

Last week the whole of Kapa Kowhai went into the hall to see a diversity performance by the AIC students.

First we saw the Japanese Drums. The drums went bang! Bang! Bang!
And we felt the same rhythm or beat pumping in our hearts. The drums were loud.

The next performance was a Vietnamese girl who played the piano.
She sang us a song about a little Vietnamese girl who saw yellow flowers on green land.

Next we heard the ran. The ran is a kind of a guitar from China.

We finished with a beautiful dance by the Vietnamese girls.
They looked amazing in their ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) and nong la (conical hat).

It was astonishing! We loved it.

By Room 23

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