05 Jul 2016

It's been another fun-filled term. Huge thanks to all our whanau (families) for your fundraising support with the Knowledge-a-thon. Our class raised the most money in the Juniors and were treated to a hot-chip lunch on Monday. Congrats also to Hayley and Nalika who also raised LOTS of money (for the astroturf). They got to go to Chipmunks today in honor of their fundraising efforts.

Many of the Room 23 students have had the pleasure of attending extra 'Diversity Dance' sessions held during lunchtimes by Mrs Casse and Mrs Addlington. They learnt the Sasa, an Indian dance, Chinese Peacock dance, plus more.

We learnt the Sasa from Mr Bennett earlier this term, and now we are going to take action and teach the rest of the children in Kapa Kowhai how to do the Sasa during a special Kapa Kowhai sharing assembly. We'll get to look at the slideshows the children in Room 21 made.

Matariki - Maori New Year. We celebrated Matariki in a few different ways - a special assembly, reading stories, watching youtube clips and by weaving stars. Ayla took action and wove another star at home - malo! Here is a link to the video we watched if you would like to weave more stars at home. I was very proud of the way the students persevered when it was tricky and helped each other. They were very proud of themselves when they had created their star! Some are twinkling in our classroom sky. We are currently making Matariki kites for our school art show next term.

Eid Murbarak - I'd like to take the opportunity to wish our Muslim families a wonderful Eid. The children are very excited about their presents and have been very proud teaching us how Eid is celebrated. Here is Laylah's story about Eid:

I am excited because you get presents. I hope I get a digital watch. You get to visit people and eat Indian food. When you go to people's houses you get money. This year it is on Wednesday and Thursday.

Happy holidays everyone!

:) Ms Schultz

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