The Making of Room 10's Classroom Treaty

08 Jul 2016

We are sure, if you have been into Room 10 this term, you would have seen our A M A Z I N G ‘hot air balloon’.

We chose the hot air balloon because each part symbolises how we are learning to SEEK, STRIVE & SOAR. More importantly, we understand that each part works together to help us be the best that we can be.

This fabulous representation of our learning was not immediate. There were many stages to make the final wall masterpiece. It started way back…. then Mrs Hope and Miss C worked together to bring the idea from concept to reality. Listed below are bullet points of our Room 10 ‘Hot Air Balloon’ Classroom Treaty & KC’s journey.

You can also watch the attached movie clip where you can see everything being put onto the wall along with our Citizenship Ceremony. ENJOY!


* Treaty & Key Competencies Brainstorm with Mrs Mac

* Creation of the mosaic logo by The Artists

* Individual plaits in the school colours. We binded these together because as one we can go far but together we will be stronger and go further.

* Parts of the basket:

+ Key Competency keys

++ Student’s thoughts on each key

+ Fabrics for the basket

++ Green (representing the beautiful landscape of Aotearoa)

++ Hibiscus Flowers (representing our Pasifika people)

++ Multi coloured floral and motifs (representing our Asian people)

+ Maori border (representing the mana of ALL our people)

* We Seek, We Strive, We Soar, We are Successful (holding our KC’s and community of people to our R10 Classroom Treaty)

* R10 Classroom Treaty (carrying the classroom, making us SOAR)

* Signing of the treaty→ hung up

* Ceremony

+ Diverse candy

+ Handshake of WELCOME, Tu Meke - we are now all R10 and beyond Citizens!

* Measuring and making our tui’s to represent each of us SOARING to the best of our ability