Hot and cold fish

10 Aug 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Hot and cold fish

This is a beautiful type of art. It feels very crackly and soft. It takes really long to make it, it took one block for us to make it.

How to make fish art:

You will need:

  • Dye
  • Crayons
  • Blank and coloured paper
  • Sketching Pencil
  • News paper
  • First you will need to draw a fish in the sea with your sketching pencil on to the blank piece of paper.
  • Colour it in with hot or cold colours with your crayons remember the fish has to be hot and the sea/background is cold or the opposite .
  • Next scrunch up the piece of paper then unwrap it carefully making sure it's not ripped.
  • Now dye you beautiful piece of art.
  • Finally glue your glorious piece of art to coloured paper of your choice. Now you can enjoy your gorgeous piece of art.

By Pratik and Divya

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