Publishing Table Inquiry

09 Sep 2016

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Room 12 have a got a new and exciting writing rotation tumble. The children are really engaged and enjoying the new activities. Check out our website to read our blog about it.

We recently acquired a new shelf to keep all these activities on. This then created a spare table. Room 12 thought it would make a great publishing table. We brainstormed some things we would like on the table and had a look online for some materials, e.g. glitter pens, colouring in pencils. We looked at how much everything would cost. Then we got thinking….

Room 12 thought maybe we could fundraise to get some fun stationery for our publishing table. So on each child’s extra activities for homework this week they have the option of doing a job at home for $1 or $2, which they can then donate to R12’s publishing table fund. As this is optional please only participate if you are happy to.

Once we have collected the money we will collectively choose the things we would like. Keep an eye on our website blogs to see how we are progressing.

Thanks for your support

Natasha Dickson, Jan Llewell and the wonderful Room 12


Please help us make our Publishing Table and interesting place to write.