14th and 15th September

13 Sep 2016

13 September 2016

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Dear Parents/Caregivers

Three things

Mini Olympics Day - Thursday 15th
1. We are having a mini olympics days on Thursday the 15th and it would be great if we could be in Togolese colours. So could each child please bring either a yellow, red, green or white t-shirt. Please do not buy a t-shirt for this, it is only if you have something suitable at home. It would also be a good idea to bring some shorts to participate in.

Parent Help

2. If you are able to stick around at the beginning of the school/block one and help us face paint that would be a big help.

Stars Wars Trading Day - Wednesday 14thDatei:Star Wars Schriftzug.jpg

3. As it is the last week for Star Wars cosmic shells at Countdown, and a lot of Room 12 and Miss Dickson are collecting them, we thought we could have a trading day. The children can bring along either their Star Wars Cosmic Shell Blister Album or a list of the ones they are missing, as well as any double up cosmic shells that they want to trade with. We are hoping that everyone will get a complete collection by the end of trading.



Natasha Dickson and Jan Llewell