Rainy Day Fitness

21 Sep 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Rainy Day Fitness

We are learning how to work with our left and right hemisphere of our brain. Plus cooperating with other body parts so our brain will feel less drowsy in the morning. Today we did Fist Flat, Yes, No, Maybe and What’s the Point and all these awesome fitness routines comes from Mr Catman on Go Noodle. Find out more and check out other routines too. On Fist Flat we have to put one hand flat and the other hand in a fist plus the other person does the same but in opposite hands then when you get the hang of it you can go a little bit faster.

Next action will be you nod your head then lift your head up and down plus shrug your shoulders then do it all at once.

The next Go Noodle routine is What’s the Point so you need two people for What’s the Point so you cross your arms over and hold on pull it up to your chest and the other person points to a finger and that person has to move that finger without moving any other finger of his or hers.

Check out Mr Catman


By Pranav and Phoenix

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