The Year 4 Sleepover

10 Nov 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - The Year 4 Sleepover

On Thursday we went to the year 4 sleepover. I was so excited about it. First I went to my teacher and told her

That I was late. Then my dad was going home saying goodbye.

First I saw my friend Shiv. Then a boy got a hammer and

was trying to scare us. We were laughing it was so fun for the first activity. Then we took a tent down then the wind blew the bag, me and Shiv went to get it but we could not find it. So the tent man came to help us. So I went to tell Amon to go over the fence. So he went to find it.

But we could not find it so we went to our second activity it was the hockey game with Miss Brown. My number was number 8. When it was my turn I ran to the stick and was going to smack the stick to the ball. And I scored. I felt happy.