Year 4 Sleep Over

10 Nov 2016

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Year 4 Sleep Over

It was the year 4 sleepover everyone was excited and then we went in the hall, we had to get in our colour group lines, the groups were yellow, red, blue and green.

First we went to orienteering we had to run around the school finding letters and getting stamps. Then we went to tent pitching then we had to build tents we even got instructions to help, when we had finished we could go in the tent.

Next we went to the bush walk we had to hold the rope and go through a big bush and we got to see the Blockhouse Bay Beach and we walked back to school. After we were at our last activity, it was paper hockey, we had to hold fat newspaper and hit the big ball in the goal

Lastly we went to the library Mr Richmond, Mrs Aherne and Mrs Dickson read us 1 story each. We had to sleep in the I.C.T room, library, multipurpose room or the Tech Room. The next morning year 4’s to wear mufti and have a relaxing day.