Welcome to Room 13!

07 Mar 2017

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Welcome to Room 13!
  • As part of our inquiry into 'Community'

We did some team building exercises. We learned that working as a team means sharing ideas, deciding things fairly, solving problems and everyone in the group having a job. There's a display in our class window to remind us.

We wondered what our new key competency icons were, then we found out. The NZ curriculum identifies 5 key competencies for all students to develop (in all subject areas and in everything we do). Our school has designed 6 new icons to depict these, which you may have seen around the school or on your last school report.

We designed our own class logo to represent us this year.

We came up with a class treaty. We defined treaty as an agreement. These are the things we agree to do to ensure we have an awesome year together.

We explored having a growth mindset. Check out the wall display to remind yourself of things you can think to yourself to have a growth mindset. We also watched a series of short videos to help us understand growth mindset.

Room 13 explored solutions to our school problem of too much rubbish. This includes making sure we take rubbish home and having a waste-free lunchbox.

We widened our thinking to our local community and thought about the rubbish down at Blockhouse Bay and Green Bay beaches. To help solve this problem we are in the process of organising local beach clean-ups. The kids are doing an AWESOME job of organsing this. Rimu team will doing our Beach Clean Up on Wednesday 22nd March. We'd love it if you could come and help if you are available.


We have centred our learning mainly around learning to tell the time. Each child should know where they are at, their next learning steps and how to get there.

We made creative analogue clocks to help us learn to tell the time.

We learned how to tell the time from a friend, completed an activity book, learned from our mistakes, and created information posters with key points.

Other points of interest

Swimming: the kids loved our swimming sessions, which we taught in a concentrated 2 week block this year. The focus was on survival skills. Huge thanks to Helen Loader and Shereen Ali for volunteering to help.

Fruit kebabs and fruit smoothies. The kids had loads of fun working in teams up in the tech room to make these. The idea came from a reading book one group had. Thanks to all our helpers on the day. Check out the photos!

We farewelled Ayla. Ayla and her family have moved to Japan. All the best and sayonara!

I'm looking forward to a great year of learning together!

:) Claire Schultz

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