Rimu Beach Clean Up

23 Mar 2017

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Rimu Beach Clean Up

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The amazing beach clean up!Copy of Green Bay Beach Clean Up 177.JPG

On Wednesday 22nd March Rimu went to Blockhouse Bay beach and Green Bay beach to pick up rubbish. First we went to the P.AC. to get a safety brief. We learnt that rubbish that goes in the drain goes directly to the sea. Turtles love eating jellyfish and they think that plastic bags that float on the sea are jellyfish so they eat it and die. Turtles dont have brains like us so they dont know that the plastic ba Next we flew to Green Bay beach and started to spy for dirty rubbish. We found heaps of glass. The glass was old, shiny and sharp. Me and Yusuf were climbing the cliff and I found lots of rubbish. We had lunch and did rolly pollies on the grass. After that we zoomed back to school.

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