Beach Trip

05 Apr 2017

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Beach Trip

As part of Love Your Coast Rimu Year Fours went to Blockhouse Bay Beach to clean it up!

Sparked by young New Zealanders, Love your Coast is an ongoing project that helps people around the world look after the coastlines we all love.

Room 10 went on a beach clean up at Blockhouse Bay beach. We went there on a bus. We had lots of parent helpers. I was with Jessie's dad Carl. Carl was very funny! The Auckland council man gave the parent helpers a sack each and the happy little children had one glove. When we got to the beach I said there is no rubbish here, let's go back to school! But when we actually got in the bush there was heaps of rubbish like bottle tops, beer bottles, cans and heaps of glass. It was fun! I learnt that litter is bad for the environment. By Lana

Our coast (love your coast) we talked for a while. Then we went to BHB beach when we got there we ate lunch then we went to pick up rubbish. By Sam

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