Kiwi Sports Hero of the Week: Steven Adams

14 Aug 2018

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Kiwi Sports Hero of the Week: Steven Adams

For our Inquiry on Challenge, Room 23 have been focusing on New Zealand sporting stars each week. Last week, we researched and found out information about Steven Adams. Did you know he is 7 foot? WOW! That is taller than Mr Cassidy. We even found his measurements and drew them with chalk onto the concrete. Did you know his arms reach 2.13 m? That's amazing!! Once we drew his measurements we laid down next to it to compare how small we were to Steven Adams.

On Tuesday we even had a basketball hoop challenge in honour of the fantastic Steven Adams!! In buddies, one of us had to hold the hoop while the other had to count how many times they could get their soft ball into the hoop. It was really fun

Come into Room 23 sometime this week to check out our projects!!