Kiwi Sports Hero of the Week: Lydia Ko

21 Aug 2018

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Kiwi Sports Hero of the Week: Lydia Ko

Wow!! The children were excited this week to find out who their sporting hero was.....LYDIA KO! This talented New Zealand Golfer was born in South Korea and came to New Zealand when she was a child. In an interview we watched, her break through moment was when she won the Golfing tournament in Canada (which made her a millionaire)

We discussed our own break through moments, Leo Xu said his break through moment was when he learnt how to ride a bike. The children were set a writing challenge for the week: Use onomatopoeia (a sound word) in their opening sentence, and then compare Lydia Ko's break through moment with one of their own.

During the week we played Golf Related games outside, designed our own mini golf course ANDDD!!! Mr Cassidy bought us a mini golf set as a class present. We had lots of fun