Leadership Games

12 Sep 2018

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Leadership Games

Last week we focused on the All Blacks rugby captain Kieran Read. We watched a funny video of him teaching us how to play Rugby and an interview of him explaining what makes a great leader. We discussed what good leaders do at home and at school. For most of us, our parents are leaders at home, some of us see our older brothers and sisters as leaders too. We can also be leaders at school.

Leaders help others and set a good example for others to follow. We played leadership games that helped us explore these values more. It was super fun!! We are all great leaders. Some of Room 23's favourites were the "Hula hoop through linked hands" game and "Guess the leader"- where one person is the leader and we have to follow his or her actions. Someone has to guess who the leader is. We always laugh and smile when we play this game.

Come to Room 23 and we'd love to teach you some fun challenges that teach values too.