Hut Building in Whanau Kotahi

12 Mar 2019

Blockhouse Bay Primary School - Hut Building in Whanau Kotahi

"Hut building was collaborative and fun. We really enjoyed working with our group. Once the hut was built we got to play games in there. We had to do a lot of tinkering and make improvements to complete our hut. It was interesting to see other people's ideas as they created their huts too." Alyssa & Phoenix - Rm 5

"Hut building was complicated to start and then we discussed it more with our group. This gave us a way to move forward and built a better hut" Tudor- Rm 11

"Hut making was amazing as we got to build with our group and tinker with our hut design. When our whole team worked together we created a bigger and better hut for our group." Soha - Rm 6

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