Kauri Team

Kauri is made up of two sub teams Whānau Kotahi (Year 5 and 6) and Te Papakāinga (Year 4 and 5). Students in Kauri Team can expect to contribute to the school community in many different roles and responsibilities around the school while continuing their learning journey. Within the classroom programme students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and have the opportunity to learn about something which really interests them in 'i-Time' which means 'Inquiry Time.' They are supported to set personal goals and achieve them through carefully designed learning programmes.

There are a range of fun and exciting groups that students may join which include a focus on dance, drama, cultural or academic pursuits. Some of these groups are initiated and lead by Kauri students. Students will also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of sports teams and events.

Year 6 Kauri students attend camp during the year and this is a great way for students to grow in confidence and get to know their teachers and peers. There will also be many other extra-curricular trips that students may attend.

As older members of the school, Kauri students are expected to be tuakana and role models for other students at Blockhouse Bay Primary. Our expectations for Kauri Team students are high, and we are very proud of the way Kauri students participate in and contribute to our school.

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