Our Timetable: Food and Play for Learning and Wellbeing

17 Dec 2017

At Blockhouse Bay Primary School our timetable provides two 40 minute breaks. During the first break the children sit down to eat for the first ten minutes, supervised by a teacher. They may then play although some children may wish to continue eating.

During the second break children play for 30 minutes first, then have 15 minutes of eating time.

There will be the opportunity for a ‘Brain Food Break’ around 10am.

8:50 -10:50 Block One - Learning, and the opportunity for a brain food break

10:50 -11:30 First Break -Eat from 10.50-11am, then play

11:30 - 1:00 Block Two - Learning

1:00 - 1:40 Second Break - Play, then eat from 1.30-1.45pm

1:45 - 3:00 Block Three - Learning

How can you help?

  • Pack two sets of food for your child
  • Include ‘Brain Food’ in each
  • Brain food might be: sandwiches, roti, cheese & crackers, apple, sushi, wraps, rice or a banana
  • Explain that the first break is when to eat the main part of your lunch