Te Manawa - Library and Makerspace

1 Mar 2016

Te Manawa, our Library and Makerspace is located in the old historic schoolhouse of Blockhouse Bay previously known as Rooms 1 and 2. The old Library and ICT Room in the Manukau Block have been renovated and re-purposed into classrooms - Rooms 2 & 3.

We consider Te Manawa to be a very special place where children are encouraged to imagine, connect and create. It's a place where they can respond to their curiosity and wonderings about the world while cultivating research and inquiry skills. Children imagine as they read for pleasure and develop a love of books or imagine solutions to real world problems in the Makerspace. They connect with the world around them as well as collaborating with each other . They create both pictures in their minds and prototypes and models.

Te Manawa is open both before school and during both breaks for children to come and read, create, play board games, relax and learn.